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TATSoul Hydraulic Pro Lite II Tattoo Client Chair - Black

TATSoul Hydraulic Pro Lite II Tattoo Client Chair - Black

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This hydraulic chair is a specifically designed option for tattoo studios, providing you with all of the flexibility you could ever ask for as a tattoo artist. The appearance of the chair is of course perfectly suited to a tattoo studio environment, giving you a sleek, elegant black option that is stylish and comfortable, while offering a PVC vinyl upholstery which is incredibly easy to clean. The chair, aside from looking the part, has all of the features you need to make it the part, including removable arm rests and pillow, face hole, 360 degree swivel and complete adjustability on the back and leg rests. The hydraulic pump even offers a chrome finish, for a particularly stylish and attractive addition.

This is one of the latest options in tattoo chair design, providing you with everything you could possible need as a tattoo artist while offering your clients the increased comfort and confidence for any tattooing position. This is greatly improved over some of the alternatives, with a lightweight but durable design that makes the chair easy to move in your studio and transport should you have need to, while supporting any client brilliantly, even the larger clients; providing you with a weight capacity of up to 400lbs. Of course one of the most desirable factors about the chair is that is provides you with complete ease and efficiency when adjusting the client’s position. The chair is upholstered with PVC vinyl, which is come stylish and easy to clean, to provide you with the most suitable possible solution for a tattoo studio environment. Of course the chair features a selection of options, allowing a full 360 degree swivel, the ability to adjusting the back anywhere from a lying flat position to a 65 degree upward angle. Naturally the leg rest can also be adjusted, offering anything from the lie flat position to a 45 degree downward angle. There is also a face-hole, which can be covered and concealed when not in use, and the armrests can be easily removed for better access when needed.

**Please allow 5-7 days for delivery of TATSoul furniture items as they are shipped directly from the TATSoul warehouse and may require palletised distribution**


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