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Neuma 4 Tattoo Machines

Neuma 4 Tattoo Machines Made in the USA by Carson Hill. Amazing,... 

Tattoo Ink Cups

Ink Cups From 9ml-32ml diameter. 

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  • Tattoo Aftercare/Process Butter

    We provide a range of tattoo process butter and aftercare (if it's good during, it's good after & vice versa!). Hustle Butter Deluxe, Yayo Famila Products, Tatwax and even good old Petroleum Jelly!

  • Tattoo Furniture & Lighting

    We stock a range of tattoo studio specific furniture & lighting items such as stools, trolleys, beds & floor lamps!

  • Tattoo Power

    Tattoo Power Packs, RCA & clip cords, footswitches, wireless power packs etc! Make sure, like He-Man, that you have the poooooowwwwweeeerrr!