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  • Tattoo Ink

    We stock a huge range of tattoo inks from top brands such as World Famous, Radiant, Eternal, Flow Colours, Dynamic and more!

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  • Kwadron Cartridges - Round Liner

    Tattoo Cartridges

    From 6 gauge one liners up to 12 gauge 49 magnum, we stock an incredible range of tattoo cartridges from top brands such as Kwadron, Unicart & our very own CleanLine X!

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  • Tattoo Machines

    We stock some of the newest and best quality tattoo machines brands such as Bishop, Axys & Neuma 4, as well as having searched the market for the best value starter and back up machines!

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  • Tattoo Aftercare/Process Butter

    We provide a range of tattoo process butter and aftercare (if it's good during, it's good after & vice versa!). Hustle Butter Deluxe, Yayo Famila Products, Tatwax and even good old Petroleum Jelly!

    Tattoo Balms For During & After 
  • Tattoo Furniture & Lighting

    We stock a range of tattoo studio specific furniture & lighting items such as stools, trolleys, beds & floor lamps!

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  • Tattoo Power

    Tattoo Power Packs, RCA & clip cords, footswitches, wireless power packs etc! Make sure, like He-Man, that you have the poooooowwwwweeeerrr!

    Tattoo Power Packs 
  • Tattooing Accessories

    Everything you need to hand when you're tattooing! Ink Cups, Skin Markers, Skin Prep & Cleaning Products and lots more...

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  • Stencil Honey - 200ml

    Tattoo Stencil Products

    Everything you need to create the perfect tattoo stencil and apply to your client's skin! Thermal machines, stencil paper, stencil solution (and even effective stencil removers!)

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  • Black Cobra - Latex Tattooist Gloves

    Tattoo Medical & Hygiene

    The most important element of tattooing is your work station cleanliness & hygiene! We stock everything you need to keep your work are pristine and you & your client safe! Gloves (latex & nitrile), machine, bottle & cord covers, consent forms and much more!

    Tattoo Medical & Hygiene Products