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Ben Fisher - Inkrush Course - Package 1

Ben Fisher - Inkrush Course - Package 1

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Ben Fisher - Inkrush Tattoo Course - Package 1

All packages contain the same recommended products required for the course (as follows) but a different machine and power pack options.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink (8oz)

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink (8oz)

Hectograph (Carbon) Paper - 50 sheets (picture shows full box of 200, pack of 50 comes in an envelope)

Stencil Stuff (4oz)

Yayo Jungle Tattoo Process Butter (250g)

Cohesive Grip Tape - 2 rolls (black pictured, colour may vary)

Clip Cord Covers (box of 125)

Bag of 500 12ml Ink Cups

5 of each CleanLine X Tattoo Cartridges in all the following sizes:

1201RL, 1203RL, 1205RL, 1209RL, 1214RL, 1203RS, 1205RS, 1209RS, 1211RS, 1218RS, 1209M, 1013CM, 1015CM.

Package one comes with the wireless CNC-WE Tattoo Machine. This high quality wireless battery machine comes with two battery packs (so you can charge one while using the other). Battery packs attach via magnet for fast and convenient changing. (It is recommended to place battery pack onto machine as gently as possible so as to minimise any risk of damage as magnets are very strong.)


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