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Neuma 4 Grip - Aluminium (Copper) - 27mm

Neuma 4 Grip - Aluminium (Copper) - 27mm

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Neuma 4 Grip - Aluminium (Copper) - 27mm

For those of you who wish to autoclave grips between each use and keep spare, sterile grips on hand. This is our standard size Neuma 4 Grip, 27mm (1.1 in)


Epoxy Powder-Coated Vine- 42g (1.5 OZ) CANNOT BE AUTOCLAVED

Brass Anodized Aluminum- 42g (1.5 OZ)

Black Anodized Aluminum- 42g (1.5 OZ)

Silver Anodized Aluminum- 42g (1.5 OZ)

Copper Anodized Aluminum- 42g (1.5 OZ)

Polished Stainless Steel- 115g (4 OZ)

Polished Solid Brass- 130g (4.6 OZ) NOTE: Brass requires an added level of maintenance, as the finish can patina. It is recommended that Brass is kept very clean and it is not recommended that Brass is autoclaved. Brass is naturally antibacterial.


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