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Sterilisation Pouches

Sterilisation Pouches

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Sterilisation Pouches - for use in autoclave. Manufactured in the UK by Granton Medical Ltd. 200 pouches per box.

Our Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches are the market leading product in the UK, either in Granton® branding or in own label packaging.

When we started to manufacture Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches, we took an innovative approach and commissioned unique, high speed, fully validated plant. This enables us to produce at exceptionally high speeds, whilst ensuring our production is 100% free from critical defects.

For added peace of mind, we manufacture our self seal pouches in our Class 10,000 Cleanroom facility, exceeding the requirements of ISO 11607-1:2006.

Our sterilisation pouches are manufactured under ISO 13485:2003 Quality Systems. Manufacture of custom sizes and own brand labelling undertaken by arrangement.


Why "Self Seal" ?

Self Seal Sterilisation pouches differ from traditional Heat Seal Sterilisation Pouches or Reels as they feature a self adhesive strip which, by removing the backing and folding over, creates a validated seal that will withstand sterilisation. The self seal system thereby cleverly eliminates the need for heat sealing equipment which can be expensive to purchase, service and validate and which takes up precious surgery space. Furthermore, by following the simple self seal instructions, a uniform seal is achieved each and every time - ensuring no waste, and providing a validated process!

Granton® Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches are suitable for use in any healthcare or hygiene setting where sterilisation and infection control practices are required, including hospitals/sterilisation centres, dental practices, community care, podiatry, tattoo and body piercing clinics, veterinary and research centres/laboratories, amongst others

Product Features

Granton® Self Seal pouches benefit from the following features:-

  • Manufactured from heavyweight medical grade paper and 2-ply shatterless blue tinted film, resistant to tearing
  • Suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation methods and printed with Class 1 Process Indicators
  • Each pouch is printed with a lot number for full manufacturing traceability
  • Off-set webs for ease of opening
  • Tack seals to prevent curling and reduce external contamination
  • Conform to BS EN ISO 11607-1:2006 and BS EN 868-5:2009

Granton® Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches are available in a range of standard sizes, as well as in custom sizes by arrangement.


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