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Yayo Encore Tattoo Numbing Cream - 250ml

Yayo Encore Tattoo Numbing Cream - 250ml

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YAYO Encore tattoo numbing cream is bulging with the raw natural power of clove oil and bergamot, two essential oils that deliver a huge numbing punch for those with topical discomfort (such as getting a tattoo). If you're looking for an alternative to the over the counter (and some not so over the counter) numbing products for during the tattoo then this is the OG you've been looking for. 

Designed by the master butteratiers at YAYO HQ, to give you the same top tier high quality tattoo butter but with a little nip extra of sweet sweet numbing goodness. Ladies and gentlemen, can I get an ENCORE!

 About this product: 

  • Clove & Bergamot Scented
  • Moisturising & Soft Formulation
  • Packed full of Vitamin E
  • Ideal for use on all skin types
  • Designed to heal the epidermis quickly
  • Ensures a bright and vibrant healed tattoo
  • Fit for use during and after the tattoo process
  • 100% Vegan


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